EGX 2023 Spotlight: Robobeat

With Metal: Hellsinger being one of my favourite games of 2022 (I stand by that it was robbed of best score), finding another rhythm based FPS game is a more than welcome surprise. Imagine my excitement then, when I stumbled into the Kwalee booth of EGX and spotted Robobeat. You’re a robot bounty hunter named Ace, you blast people apart with dual-wielded weapons and you head-smash your way through arenas to a pumping, synthy soundtrack.

For the demo build, I was able to play through a chunk of one of the game’s biomes. Armed with a revolver and the equivalent of a handheld lightning cannon, I was set loose on the unsuspecting robot armies. I only spent about 15 minutes with Robobeat, but what stood out was how well synced the gunplay was to the music, and how deliciously satisfying it was to blast headshot after headshot.

Bops & Robo-ers

Robobeat is planned to be a rogue-like experience where making best use of weapons and pickups is essential. You also have access to Ghostrunner-like mobility, allowing you to wall-run, Halo bounce around and sprint about the arenas like a cocaine-fuelled Olympic runner. The increased mobility options is what makes Robobeat feel more unique, as does the retro, boomer-shooter visual style.

Speaking with the representative from Kwalee, I was left brimming with optimism for the game. Over 50 weapons are going to be available, with 5 biomes to play through and a multitude of abilities to experiment with. In my short play session, I played about a quarter of a biome and I barely feel like I’ve scratched the surface.

The key question will be around enemy variety and the diversity of other biomes. The core gameplay and rhythm shooting is fantastic, so if Robobeat can nail the presentation of different combat challenges to encourage the player to use a variety of skills, it could be quite something special. Unlike its contemporaries like BPM, Robobeat is also aiming to be a more accessible and forgiving experience, for example by not tying every action to the rhythm.

If any of this sounds appealing – which, it absolutely should – then I’m sorry to disappoint you, as Ace will only be blasting onto our screens in 2024. The game will be launching on PC and you can wishlist via Steam now. It’s basically Robocop meets Ghostrunner meets Metal: Hellsinger, I mean come on, what more do I even need to say?

Robobeat will be releasing some time in 2024 on PC.

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