December 8, 2023
All the JRPG trailers you need to see from TGS 2023 in one place! And no gacha.

It’s Tokyo Game Show 2023 time and with the massive amount of information released and announced pre-show (State of Play, Nintendo etc) there actually isn’t all that much brand new being announced at the show. Instead, fans get to arrive pre-hyped and then try out playable demos of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and many other games. The list below is an attempt to capture the bulk of the new footage, trailers and gameplay videos for new JRPGs, outside of actually posting hour-long TGS presentations (well just one). The presentations for their part are madness as usual, often unfathomable to Western audiences, and a lot of harmonised title announcement shouts from 2-3 presenters. Why do they do it?

So here it is. All the JRPG news, announcements, and gameplay you could need, and no Gacha.

Eiyuden Chronicle – Extended Gameplay Trailer

Decapolice Gameplay Trailer

Trails Through Daybreak – Western Release – Summer 2024

Persona 3 Reload – New Gameplay Features Trailer

Octopath Traveller II – Coming to Xbox and PC Announcement

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Hands-On Gameplay Previews

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