May 29, 2024
New class variants, emotes, skins and modules bring up Exoprimal's first content addition, bringing some fresh improvements.

Emerging from the wormhole since its release on July 14th, Exoprimal has received its first content pack: Title Update 1. We had mixed feelings about Exoprimal in the team, though I certainly enjoyed it, flaws and all. If you’d had told me at the start of the year that I’d be buzzing for new Exoprimal content, I’d have mocked you harder than the original Willy Wonka meme.

Yet, excited I am. Exoprimal’s Title Update 1 delivers a new variant for every class in the base game, alongside a host of new emotes, skins, decals and bug fixes. The real meat of the package is the Alpha Variants, whose remixed weapons provide a bit of fresh new gameplay to sink your teeth into. While not especially groundbreaking, they’re a solid addition that provide even more choice on top of an already excellent selection of playstyles.

Choose Your Fighter Variant

In order to access your newly styled dinosaur-slayers, you’ll need to use BikCoins after levelling up the default version to 20. Alternatively, you can purchase a fast-track credit which instantly unlocks them for £3.29 each. I appreciate Capcom providing an in-game means to access these new Exosuits, effectively providing a free-access means for those who are enjoying playing the game.

Are they worth £3.29 each? Definitely not. But you can purchase them individually, so you could just pick your favourite Cretaceous period hunter if you want to pry open the wallet.

Onto the suits themselves: they’re great. While abilities and specials don’t change from the default versions, their primary attacks are revamped considerably. Deadeye especially felt much stronger and more viable, thanks to their new burst rifle. Nimbus can now have shotguns that actually deal a great amount of damage at the expense of range for healing.

Roadblock can now deploy his shield and has a wrist-mounted pistol, so on and so forth. They’re fundamental changes to how you play these classes and use their abilities, which is appreciated. Offering a bit of welcome variety, they’re a solid addition just a month since launch. Alpha Variants won’t be drastically improving the core gameplay for those who weren’t sold from the outset, but for veterans they offer a welcome extra layer of depth.


Perhaps most importantly, most of the Alpha Variants felt more powerful and viable for reaching MVP status at the end of matches. Hopping in for the first time in a couple of weeks, I was straight to the top of the leaderboards using the new suits. Whether that’s placebo or not I’m not sure, but with the exception of Zephyr, they feel superior to play.

Each Alpha Variant can be levelled up separately from their default class, which is nice. Title Update 1 also includes a host of new cosmetics, emotes and decals too, if you’re so inclined to show off your status. There’s even new slot one Modules that can be unlocked for each Alpha, in-line with their new weapons. It’s a good start, basically, if not earth-shattering.

Title Update 2 plans to deliver a new map, which will be a hugely welcomed new piece of content. Exoprimal has a solid foundation but it’s crying out for some more content offerings and modes. With Savage Gauntlet starting up in pre-designated time periods and a new map on the way, things are looking up for the dinosaur eradicating title.

There’s plenty more war data in Exoprimal’s simulation to be gathered, that’s for sure. Leviathan ain’t done with us yet, pilots.

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