June 25, 2024

The one-man studio from Poland that is Panstasz is set to release their debut game World of Horror for PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch as well as PC via Steam, itch.io, GOG and Microsoft Store. Revealed at yesterday’s Guerrilla Game Fest, World of Horror releases just in time for Halloween on October 19th, 2023. The news dropped alongside a brand-new trailer for you to lose your mind to below.

Details on the story from the Press Release –

The year is 198X. Madness plagues the residents of the seaside town of Shiokawa. The Old Gods have returned to satiate their bottomless hunger for despair. Unspeakable monstrosities hide around every corner. Investigate the harrowing happenings, perform arcane rituals with scavenged artefacts in an attempt to delay the inevitable, or crumble with the Earth itself.

Stride PR for Ysbryd Games

Delve Into The Incomprehensible

With inspiration from Junji Ito, the eldritch horrors of H.P. Lovecraft and a retro art style made completely within Microsoft Paint, World of Horror is a game we’ve had our eyes on for a long time. You’ll be able to play as 14 different characters all with their own mysteries to discover. Each character has different stats and perspectives of the blight before them, making it incredibly replayable.

Showcasing a blend of roguelite mechanics and turn-based RPG, you’ll have to prove your survival instincts with melee combat or scavenged weapons found on location. Every decision could mean life, death or worse… Madness, forcing you to think tactically to survive. Explore every dark corner of Shiokawa to discover trinkets and uncover clues to help you reach the least harmful of multiple endings.

We can’t wait to succumb to the madness that is World of Horror on October 19th, 2023. Will you descend with us?

[Source: Press Release]

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