April 21, 2024
Square Enix has announced today that the legendary Live A Live is no longer a Nintendo Switch exclusive, as it's now coming to PS4/5 and PC via Steam.

Square Enix has announced today that the legendary Live A Live is no longer a Nintendo Switch exclusive, as it’s now coming to PS4/5 and PC via Steam. Info on the game from the Press Release:

LIVE A LIVE will offer players the freedom to explore eight different stories with eight different characters, each set within different time periods spanning from a pre-historic era to the Wild West, and more. Each unique chapter will offer players a range of different gameplay mechanics to master, such as stealth, suspense and trap placement, all of which centre around LIVE A LIVE’s turn based battle system. Players will also be able to tailor their gameplay adventure to their preference, the episodic story format gives players the freedom to complete each chapter from start to finish in any order they choose, or even play through a little of each chapter in parallel at the same time.

“Produced by Takashi Tokita (CHRONO TRIGGER® and FINAL FANTASY® IV), the original game director of the Super Nintendo version, LIVE A LIVE has been revitalised using HD-2D technology that blends the nostalgia of pixel art with modern graphics, offering a classic RPG gameplay experience with updated visuals on PS4, PS5, and PC. Players can also look forward to a rearranged version of the game’s soundtrack which has been recreated under the supervision of LIVE A LIVE’s original composer, Yoko Shimomura (FINAL FANTASY® XVThe KINGDOM HEARTS Series).”

Square Enix UK PR

You won’t be waiting long to experience the award-winning remake of the classic 2D RPG as Live A Live releases 27th April 2023. If you can’t wait to play or want to see how it is, there’s a playable demo out today for both PlayStation and Steam.

Our takeaway here at Finger Guns is that we’re extremely excited to have more ways to play Square Enix titles. After being so well received by fans and critics, this game is a must-play. If you’re someone who enjoyed Octopath Traveler II, you’ll love this title too. I know that I’ll definitely be trying to tackle the trophy list when it releases 27th April 2023.

[Source: Press Release]

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