June 18, 2024
Who needs pistols when you have rockets and electricity? Atomic Heart's gameplay trailer suggests absolutely no-one.

In an almost prophetic turn of fate, just as we release a nice trailer roundup of Atomic Heart, Mundfish and Focus Entertainment drop a bombastic gameplay trailer. Time waits for no gaming news, as the saying definitely goes.

The new deep-dive explores more about the various combat options that’ll be available to the player to fend off the AI fiends. More than that, it also explains more about the world itself, the characters we’ll be spending time with, the AI systems governing the hostile machines and the design elements of how you’ll be ridding the world of their influence.

More recent showcases of Atomic Heart have demonstrated it’s leaning much more into the frenetic and frenzied action approach, compared to the original trailers which focused on atmosphere, stealth and discomforting horror elements. Will that be the right move? Well, I suppose that depends on how much you love blasting your way through foes with rockets, powers and gadgets. Oh, and Dying Light’s two-handed melee 360° spin move – damn that attack is always satisfying.

Atomic Heart is scheduled for release on February 21st and promises unforgiving encounters, an engrossing narrative and eerie environments. Let’s hope it can live up to its lofty inspirations. You can catch the trailer below in the mean time, while we await the inevitable takeover of our machine overlords.

Did I mention the trailer is narrated by Geralt of Rivia’s Doug Cockle? Probably should have led with that.

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