Gameplay Trailer Arrives for Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality

A new trailer for Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality has arrived, showcasing new gameplay for the first person action puzzler.

Building upon the original story from VR exclusive The Edge of Time, The Edge of Reality expands the narrative with a helping hand from The Doctor herself (Jodie Whittaker) and a certain Tenth Doctor who you may be familiar with (voiced by 10 himself, David Tennant).

The Edge of Reality looks to be a genuine celebration of Doctor Who for fans, featuring a multitude of fan-favourite enemies including the Cybermen, the Daleks – including a sequence when you get to be one? – and the Weeping Angels whilst you tear through space and time in a bid to save reality. Doctor Who never does stories by halves, eh?

The Edge of Reality launches on 14th October on current/previous-gen consoles and PC. ALLONSY!

Source [Press Release]

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