RPG Trailer Fix – Fantasian, Tales of Arise, Monster Hunter Stories 2 Release Date

A number of trailers dropped while we were putting together the first of this list, so now, here they are all together. Your RPG Trailer Fix! If you like your RPGs, then 2021 has a great variety coming your way, with recent trailers below. Also check out our list of forthcoming 2D RPGs on Switch.


Diorama adventure RPG Fantasian wowed the world this week with multiple trailers showing a beautiful and literally handcrafted world, and some incredible looking RPG action courtesy of the Final Fantasy creator, and Mistwalker lead, Hironobu Sakaguchi. Try not to salivate too much. Also its exclusive (for now) to Apple Arcade!

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a standalone RPG set in the Monster Hunter franchise universe, featuring an original story and RPG mechanics. This lovely trailer dropped yesterday – check it out. We’re getting major Grandia, and Breath of the Wild vibes from this and if you look at nothing else today – *!Baby Rathalos!*

Also of note, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is now coming to PC via Steam, as well as Switch, and the Switch version now has Amibos (if you’re into that sort of thing) that come with in-game bonuses. And of course the release date – both versions are set to release July 9th 2021 worldwide.

Tales of Arise

This is more a teaser for a trailer-coming-soon than a full trailer, promising more news on the long-gestating RPG from Bandai Namco during the Tales Of Festival – a game that many thought was no longer in development. It’s possible this answers the question we posed about BNamco’s series of Tales retrospective trailers and what they are leading up to – A Tales of Arise release date, we think.

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