March 4, 2024
Lake returns with a Christmassy DLC: Seasons Greetings. Return to Providence Oaks, and bring the cocoa! The Finger Guns review:

Is there a nicer feeling than a warm hot chocolate, on a cosy Sunday surrounded by candles? Probably not, but I imagine the game version of that being anything to do with Lake. 2023 has treated us well with both the main game and DLC releases, however, I don’t think there is a better way to round off the year than a trip back to Providence Oaks for Lake: Seasons Greetings. 

It’s 1985, the year prior to Lake taking place. You take on the role of Meredith’s father, Thomas Weiss/ You didn’t expect Meredith to take time off of work for this did you? Season Greetings allows an insight into the everyday job of Thomas. A postal worker for Providence Oaks. 

You can read my Lake review here; where I dubbed this game the most relaxing game to play all year. I still stand by that, and I’ll stand by that for Seasons Greetings. The quaint but extremely charming town of P.O. isn’t all that different a year before and you’ll start your postal job journey on December 23rd. Like the base game, you can still choose what kind of character you can be. I stuck with polite, kind and likeable Thomas, but there are options where you can be abrupt and stand-offish. His moustache, however, did not give me standoffish and therefore I refused to play into that. 

The first day feels like a warm welcome home, even though technically you’ve never left. A memory home run of driving around P.O.’s snowy peaks, and frozen lake. You’ll be reunited with the residences of P.O. and revisit the businesses Meredith was able to reunite herself with. There is always town gossip to be had, and P.O is no exception. 

The buzz in P.O. now surrounds a documentary news team who have broken down in P.O. and it looks like they may be stuck for a few days. To utilise their time well, they decide to film a segment in P.O. However, the presenter isn’t the easiest personality to get on with, but has a team of delightful colleagues who you may try and match make along the way.

Do not fear about being too involved with all the gossip, as you still have a job to do, and you’ll need to complete your round of letters and parcels before settling down for dark winter evenings by the fire. This is just a reminder of how wholesome and relaxing Lake was and Seasons Greetings feels like returning home for a short break but still has the charm of looking so different to the eye with the fall of the snow. 

If you think you may have gotten away from the radio in the van, think again. I audibly cackled when I heard those same familiar songs that became earworms in the base game. Yes, they are still there. I do think the rotation has been amended and one song is not quite as frequent which is a relief.

Character storylines – although all of them are bite-size still showcase individual personalities among the town and it is nice to drop in and visit some of the characters you are already acquainted with, as well as develop a further relationship with them as Thomas Weiss.

I do remember the base game having quite a heartfelt storyline, one that tugged on emotional heartstrings where many may find a story relatable. Seasons Greetings has not all that much happening, it feels more like a bit of a mosy around a quieter town. Which, if you love Lake, then great. You likely will just enjoy exactly what it is – more Lake. If you were hoping for something new to do, then you may be left slightly disappointed.

The game’s run time really depends on how much time you want to spend driving around Providence Oaks, but the storyline is easily beatable in an afternoon and there are still no wrong ways to play the game. Overall, the game is a lovely return to the community and I am really glad to have jumped back in. Lake has a very special feeling to it, and the DLC not only captures that but continues its essence. Everyone wishes they lived at Providence Oak once they’ve visited right?

Lake: Seasons Greetings is a wonderful return to the popular and well-loved community of Providence Oaks. Seasons Greetings offers more of everything loved with the base game. Whilst perhaps not having the same emotion attached or doing nothing ‘new’. Seasons Greetings serves well as a short reunion back to the charm of P.O.

Lake: Seasons Greetings is available now for PS4, PS5 (review platform), Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

Developer: Gamious
Publisher: Gamious, Whitethorn Games

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we were provided with a promotional copy from the publisher.

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