May 25, 2024
Folk Horror Roguelike Harvest Hunt gets a release date for next month, with a demo to check out right now! More details:

Horror game developer Villainous Games Studio are releasing their latest title, Harvest Hunt, on the 22nd May 2024. The folk horror roguelike puts you in the role of the Warden of the secluded village of Luna Nova. Your task is to safeguard the villagers, gather resources and survive the night from the terrors that lurk in the shadows.

You will have to guide yourself through the dizzying farmlands whilst building an arsenal known as Whispers, a tarot-inspired deck-based system that’ll bolster your abilities against the watchful eye of the Devourer. You can watch the trailer showcasing the game’s mechanics and story here:

Embroil yourself into a narrative full of dark European folklore and embrace the terrors of Luna Nova in Harvest Hunt, when it releases 22nd May 2024. Moreover, if you can’t wait that long to get your pitchfork stuck in, you can check out the demo on Steam as part of the Lovecraftian Steam Fest taking place this weekend.

Harvest Hunt is the first game published by Neonhive Games after their exciting announcement of their publishing arm. For more on Neonhive Games, you can check out our Podcast where we talk to Founder and Games Marketing Specialist, Korina Abbott about the exciting future ahead.

[Source: Press Release]

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