April 13, 2024
'You should know what quadbanging is, Miles...'

Another week, another Finger Guns Podcast! Hello again everyone, it’s always a pleasure to be here though eh?

Join Rossko, Kat, Josh and Miles for another bout of gaming news and nonsense from your favourite Finger Guns crew talking all about the wonders of Crash and Spyro developer Toys for Bob going independent and free from Activision at last.

What are we gonna see them make next? The possibilities are endless and it’s a nice bit of good news in the never-ending sadness that is the games industry these days.

Still! We also talk about Rockstar forcing their employees back full time to finish up Grand Theft Auto 6, and well, let’s say we have some opinions on this.

And in rare but most exciting news we have an interview! This week Rossko sat down with Neonhive boss Korina Abbott to talk all about their new publishing wing and how on earth that came about, along with Neonhive as a whole and their hand in some of the biggest indie games of the last few years and Korina’s history in the gaming industry. It’s a cracking chat that’s well worth a listen!

Over at Game of the Week Josh has been tearing his way through the terrifying Outlast Trials. The Thaumaturge has kept Miles busy in the ol’ review codes, Kat has jumped into Final Fantasy for the FIRST TIME EVER with…er, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth whilst Rossko has been crushing it in the ring in WWE 2K24.

In recommendations Miles shares his thoughts on FFVII Rebirth, Kat talks to us about a ghost story podcast named Ghost Huns, whilst Josh takes us to the spice wars in Dune Part Two. And then there’s some Taylor Swift chat, because of course there is.

Taking part in the screenshot quiz? Here are them all below! Let us know how you did.

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