March 4, 2024
A free winter update coupled with paid DLC is on the horizon, man the walls in preparation!

November 2023 saw the return of the classic castle RTS Stronghold: Definitive Edition. Not only were we here at Finger Guns big fans, but according to sales, over 100,000 people in the first 72 hours of release were too. There’s hope for revitalised strategy games of old yet.

Fresh off the heels of this resounding victory over the armies of The Wolf, Firefly Studios have announced the first winter update, arriving simultaneously with a paid DLC: Swine’s Bay. The Pig must be afoot, chicken leg dangling and all. The Winter Update will feature a brand new set of 7 economic missions, while Swine’s Bay will feature a challenging new campaign for the price of £2.49.

Honestly, that’s barely even the price of a mediocre coffee nowadays. Inflation that makes the eyes hurt more than a 1066 arrow aside however, you can read more about the upcoming update below:

Together with a host of fixes and improvements, the first of these planned DLC packages, the Winter Update, will feature the new Swine’s Bay DLC narrative campaign,, which follows the events of the main game and is narrated by returning series actor Christopher Kent. In Swine’s Bay, players are pushed through seven ruthless military combat scenarios across original maps as they seek to retrieve the Jewel of the North from the clutches of the infamous slaver Captain Hogsfoot.

Releasing alongside this DLC, the free update will add a second economic campaign, voiced by another returning Stronghold actor Jay Simon. These missions are designed to test players’ strategic skills beyond the warfront, with a series of intricate resource production and management challenges. Kingdoms may be crushed by warriors, but they can only be raised by those with the vision to build.

Looking forward to the future of the studio in 2024 and beyond, Firefly is actively engaged in a number of announced and unannounced games, the most prominent of which is the as of yet untitled ‘Stronghold Unreal’ project, built using the industry-leading tools of Unreal Engine 5. Needless to say, witnessing the love for mechanically deep, passionately made strategy games like Stronghold: Definitive Edition has lit a fire under the studio and the team can’t wait to share more.

Firefly Studios

More Stronghold projects on the way? On Unreal Engine 5 no less? The future is bright for this castle lord indeed. Here’s to more slaying of mace men and ordering archers to the walls. We’ll be feasting on extra rations come February 13th. The Swine’s Bay DLC and free Winter Update will be available then on PC, get those crossbows notched.

Stronghold: Definitive Edition is out now on Steam for £12.99, plus you can also wishlist the Swine’s Bay DLC campaign too. Bonus.

Source: Press Release

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