New Launch Trailer Drops For Immortals of Aveum

It’s only four days to go to the launch of EA and Ascendant Studios’ ambitious magic shooter Immortals of Aveum and to mark the occasion there’s a brand new trailer drop. Check it out below!

I think you’ll agree new single “All Time Great” by rising rapper Jufu provides a suitably bombastic track for the shooter’s over-the-top first-person magic action and crazy-looking narrative.

From the Press Release – In Immortals of Aveum, players take control of Jak, who discovers that he is an ‘Unforeseen’ – a person who has shown innate magical ability later in life – finding himself reluctantly caught in the middle of a raging war as a result. Under the tutelage of the powerful General Kirkan and an elite order of battlemages called the Immortals, Jak must take up an ancient artifact known as the Sigil and master all three colors of magic – blue, green, and red – in order to defeat Sandrakk, the powerful warlord of Rasharn and his mysterious lieutenant, The Hand. With powerful magic-wielders and legions of soldiers on both sides of the Everwar, Jak and the Immortals must uncover the mysteries of Aveum’s troubled past, if there’s any hope for turning the tides of the Everwar.

Immortals of Aveum releases August 22 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

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