September 25, 2023
Now's the perfect time to get festive, right?

One of Finger Guns’ favourite cosy chill games of recent memory was Lake, a postal-simulator where you explored the gorgeous town of Providence Oaks delivering letters, packages and getting to know the townsfolk, and yourself, in the process.

It secured a mighty positive score from us when Rossko reviewed it way back when and whilst it’s been a while developer Gamious and publisher Whitehorn Games are adding a brand new Christmas DLC called ‘Seasons Greetings’ coming to PC and consoles this winter.

Season’s Greetings is a Christmas-themed prequel to Lake, introducing a new story and five new characters to the familiar town of Providence Oaks, now covered in snow and spruced up for the holidays.

You’ll play as original protagonist Meredith’s father Thomas, taking the story back a few years and learning more about Meredith’s relationship with her parents and answering and lingering questions that you may have had whilst playing Lake, all while ensuring the locals get their packages on time and exploring Providence at Christmas.

Lake: Season’s Greetings is due on PC and other platforms this winter. Official release date and other launch platforms will be revealed soon.

Until then, enjoy the latest trailer which you can find below;

Source [Press Release]

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