June 15, 2024
After 7 months of stacking, sorting and tidying, A Little to the Left drops the new DLC Cupboards and Drawers. Does it scratch the itch just as well though? The Finger Guns review:

It’s been a few months since we have had the joy of cleaning out our virtual closets, unless you have been keeping up with your daily tidy of course. A Little to the Left: Cupboards and Drawers DLC has launched! If you’re interested in knowing why on earth you would want to tidy in your hobby time, or are fascinated to find out how you can scratch the ordering trinket itch, you can read my review of the base game here . If you are perfectly up to date with the base game, the trailer for the DLC comes from the Wholesome Direct 2023.

Shove It In A Drawer No More

I think my favourite kind of tidy are those drawers or random boxes you’ve collated random crap in that you probably have not looked at for months but “swear you need”. The puzzles that always gave me the most satisfaction in the base game where those of the drawer like flavour. The ones where the shapes were already carved out, but some shapes could be multiple different items or a mixture of a few items in one compartment. So A Little to the Left: Cupboards and Drawers DLC is the only DLC to start with, in my opinion. 

With 25 levels of varying difficulty to sink your teeth back into there is enough to keep you going for a few hours. This DLC features multi-layered puzzles which contain much more elaborate solutions than those in the base game. I do remember an irk in the base game where it felt like some of the solutions were never clear on how we, as an audience, would reach that conclusion and I do have to admit that I never once found that within the Cupboards and Drawers DLC. 

Players can expect to organise the kitchen sink – literally! As well as trinket boxes with multiple drawers with multiple items shoved within each drawer that probably do not belong on that layer. Secret compartments beyond secret compartments, and if you’re wondering if Rookie is back, he is! In this DLC, he makes many friendly visits, and you’ll have the pleasure of petting him many times throughout the 25 levels. 

I can confirm that I have played this DLC late at night and it still struck a wonderful balance between providing that gratifying yet relaxing calm zen with some puzzles being very quick, satisfying and easier to reach the solution against those that may take that little bit more thought and brain power to achieve the final goal. 

The DLC still allows you to ‘let it be’ should you wish to come back to the puzzle later, or just skip if you are too keen to find out what is next. I did find myself not pressing ‘let it be’ as often as I did in the campaign. Every puzzle to me seemed interesting enough to continue on with. The only ones I did skip were the ones I knew I wanted to challenge myself with later when I felt slightly more focused! Such as one with many pocket watches telling different times and pecurilar shaped broaches within a big empty space.

Everything In Its Place

In my experience of now having played both the base game and the DLC. A Little to the Left: Cupboards and Drawers feels much more balanced than the campaign. It also includes pleasing and enjoyable detail, from toothpicks in a jar that shake around when you move it from one compartment to another; or a pot that boils when you place it on the ground. 

Players will need to have the basegame to play, but it’s not necessary to have played or completed the campaign (You may want to do this to get a feel for the game but you would likely pick this up quite quickly!)  Some puzzles will have more than one solution and you can go back and try to figure out the next possible solution. The DLC will grant you a star for each solution you get right. 

If you’ve been itching for more A Little to the Left content, I doubt you will be disappointed in this. The only disappointing feeling that may overcome you is finishing it too quickly. 

A Little to the Left – Cupboards and Drawers DLC is a lovely expansion to the base game. Still inclusive of all the things loved about the game, the DLC seems to have an improved balance between zen and puzzle throughout. Whilst not the longest of expansions, and not straying away from the original formula, those who loved the initial campaign will find this short journey easy to enjoy.

A Little to the Left – Cupboards and Drawers DLC is out June 27th on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Developer: Max Inferno
Publisher: Secret Mode

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we were provided with a promotional code from the publisher. For our full review policy, please go here.

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