June 19, 2024
An interactive streaming series where the audience decides the story, Silent Hill: Ascension gets a new trailer with more details.

Silent Hill: Ascension was initially revealed at the Silent Hill Transmission and was certainly one of the more unique-sounding games. During the Transmission, we learned that Konami was pouring emphasis on viewer participation to create the canon. Using Genvid’s streaming software tools to pull off the live spectacle, very little else was revealed – until now.

The game’s first official trailer is light on any specifics, but what we can say for certain is that it sets the tone spectacularly. Monster designs are grotesque and haunting, desolate and foreboding environments with a glimpse of what we and the characters fear the most, and that’s of course Silent Hill. A Genvid Series with the help of Behaviour Interactive and Bad Robot Games, Silent Hill: Ascension looks inwards at the main character’s generational trauma.

Together Through the Fog

The live event looks to take place at some point later in 2023 over multiple days. Viewers across the world will not just meet a handful of new main characters but be permanently responsible for their canon story in the Silent Hill franchise. The premise is promising, however, the real question will be what are the limits? The internet is the internet, can you just send every character on a downward spiral? Or does everyone have a chance at redemption.

Of course, this is just my speculation as details are still scant. With that said, Silent Hill: Ascension has the opportunity to pull off something truly unique for a beloved franchise. We do know there’s an ensemble cast across multiple locations intricately developed. Decisions are to be made in real time during the event leaving no time to think twice.

As soon as we know more, we’ll be excited to share the news. Will you RSVP to Silent Hill: Ascension?

[Source: Press Release]

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