May 25, 2024
"What's shakin', Pox? You look a little... what's the word... constipated."

“What’s shakin’, Pox? You look a little… what’s the word… constipated.”

Cryptosporidium is returning to grace your video game space rather soon. The wise-cracking, smack-talking, prone-to-rage extraterrestrial has been supped up for this remake sequel after the success of his initial reimagining and it’s looking rather shiny indeed.

Showing off the splendid new graphics is a just-released trailer which gives us a glimpse of the towns (both Earthly and Moon situated), bases and cities that we gleefully probed, blasted and destroyed in the 2006 original. Only now, they’re entirely recreated with a modern engine, with the Albion bridge collapsing gorgeously under intense laser fire and KGB bases being deleted from existence with rather a few explosives. It’s colourful, bombastic and action-heavy and even more satisfyingly, they’ve kept the rigid animations intact when you possess the puny humans’ brains. All is good in the world when Crypto’s about to destroy it.

Bay City, Albion, Tunguska, Takoshima and Solaris all make their return in the follow-up, where you’ll be able to enact your furious, yet comically hilarious, revenge on all things human. I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to another nostalgic destructive festival.

If you’d like to check out the latest trailer and see the remake’s new versions of the locations then take a little look below:

Needless to say, I’m very excited for Destroy All Humans! remake 2.0. Blasting hippies, incinerating pesky police and just generally messing around as a tiny space alien is one of my fondest memories of the PS2 era, so fingers crossed Reprobed lives up to those awesome memories when it releases.

Speaking of release date, we haven’t got too long to wait. Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed is set to launch on August 30th for PS5, Xbox Series and PC via Steam, Epic Games and GOG. Pre-ordering also nets you a copy of Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage, where you and a bunch of like-minded people get to live out your wildest alien fantasies of destroying humanity together, either in online 4-person or 2-player split-screen. Not a bad bonus at all, with the added benefit of not having to be forcefully probed by a creepy blue hobbit.

The standard edition of Reprobed will retail at £34.99 while the Dressed To Skill edition will be £10 more expensive but comes with some extra skins for dear old Crypto and the future “Challenge DLC” pack planned for Q4 of this year. If you have far too much disposable income and a penchant 27.6 inch solid items (get your mind of the gutter) you can even go for the Collector’s Edition, selling at a whopping £349.99 but includes a giant Crypto figurine as well as an adorable Arkvoodle figure, orchestral score on CD (who keeps CDs anymore?!) and a couple other goodies.

Whichever version you plump for, you can rest assured you’ll be ruthlessly decreasing the population of weed smoking, free thinking and overly slow speaking 1960s hipsters. So really, what more can you ask for?

Source: Press Release

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