September 22, 2023
All things skin, blood and grotesqueness... the Finger Guns dubbed "Fleshy Game" revealed in all it's naked, bloody glory.

First announced in 2016, Scorn has been flying under the radar somewhat in the years since. No more, it seems. Part of the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, the new gameplay trailer reveals another minute or so of grotesque, morbidly curious footage. Overflowing with eyeballs, rushing blood, mangling flesh contorting every which way, disturbing looking creatures, it’s a feast for the eye. If you’re inclined towards the more vile aesthetics. Still, it’s nice to see Scorn actually demonstrating a bit more footage, complimented with a soon-ish release date of October 21st, 2022. Not long until we’ll be yanking sharp things out of our torso, how exciting.

If that intro paragraph hasn’t put you off somehow, you can check out the latest showing below and read on for some further details about the game itself:

Inspired by the works of H. R. Giger, Scorn is aiming to unsettle and unnerve you in equal measure. The nightmarish biomechanical world you’ll be creeping around promises to be disturbing and a challenge to survive with limited ammunition, health and resources available to you. Sounds like we’ll be scavenging for our lives to fight off the pretty grim looking creatures that lurk around every corner. It evokes a lot of Agony vibes, as noted on our reaction special by guest appearance extraordinaire Josh, but let’s hope this turns out slightly better than that doomed title.

Not just content to subject you to torturous combat survival however, Scorn will have a multitude of puzzles to solve and a mystery to unravel on how you ended up in such a nightmarishly organic location. Drunken night out gone wrong? Your guess is as good as mine. The trailers up to this point hint at the sense of dread and trepidation the game is clearly trying to invoke successfully, so let’s hope there’s enough to discover that makes the journey worth pushing through, no matter how unpleasant it feels. With new abilities to acquire as you progress and interconnected environments to navigate, it seems Scorn has some depth to carry the rest of the package too. If it means upgrading my flesh gun into a fleshier, gorier kind, then I’m all in.

Luckily, the release date isn’t too far away. Scorn is launching just before Halloween, which seems fitting, on Xbox Series S/X (day one on Game pass, don’t forget!) and PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store. I’m probably the only one at FG excited for this one, but at least the “Fleshy Game” has stuck – that’s gotta count for some accolade. Right? Right?!

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