December 11, 2023
sneaky sneaky sniper time....

In yet another little deep dive into Sniper Elite 5, released this week no less, Rebellion have revealed a brand new video delving deeper into the stealthy stealthiness you can add to your arsenal. The video below features input from the motion-capture artist Paul Biddiss along with Rebellion, devs, you can have a sneaky nose at the sneakiness of stealth sniping goodness with additional takedowns when you’re not hiding in bell towers, crumbling buildings and whatnot with a selection of non-lethal weapons.

The video also focuses upon new traversal mechanics which open up areas of the map along with giving the player alternative routes approaching their objectives. The player will also need to be aware of the audible distance of both their weapon along with their ammo when taking shot, should they wish to remain undetected. Which they probably do, when you think about it.

Sniper Elite 5 lands on May 26th on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox Games Pass, PS4 / PS5, Steam and Windows Store.

Source [Press Release]

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