The World’s First Paralympics Video Game Arrives Next Month

This week in ‘it’s about bloody time’ news, the first video game based on the Paralympics arrives on mobile systems next month, and it looks a whole lot of fun.

The Pegasus Dream Tour is in development at JP Games Inc, the studio founded by Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV. The game launches as an official product of the International Paralympic Committee and is a ‘massive’ avatar RPG taking place inside ‘Pegasus City’, an inclusive and diverse city that welcomes anyone and works as a testing ground for the future. You’ll be able to explore Pegasus City with your friends to partake in events and a myriad of additional activities available to play.

Your avatar, known as a ‘Mine’, is generated via the selfies you have taken on your smartphone(!), and you can train your Mine as a para-athlete inside the city. You’ll be able to equip prosthetic arms, legs and wheelchairs and train in a variety of sports including precision-ball-sport boccia, football 5-a-side athletics and wheelchair basketball. You’ll be able to make friends with other Mine you meet in Pegasus City and you’ll be able to keep track of your avatars progress when you’re away from the game.

Something that is very cool is a portion of the games profits will be donated to the Agitos Foundation, a global charity that develops sports activities for people with impairments as a tool for changing lives. Awesome.

Japanese artist GODTAIL has illustrated the game, and nine of the worlds top para-athletes are featured in the game including Takayuki Hirose from Japan (Boccia), Patrick Anderson from Canada (Wheelchair basketball), Holly Robinson from New Zealand (Javelin), Silvio Velo from Argentina (Football five-a-side) and Team Bridgestone para-athletes Manami Tanaka from Japan (Wheelchair Tennis), Kohei Kobayashi from Japan (Badminton), Rie Ogura from Japan (Badminton), Scout Bassett from the USA (Athletics) and Chaiwat Rattana from Thailand (Athletics).

The Pegasus Dream Tour will be free to play and available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store from June 24th. Pre-registration starts today.

This sounds fascinating and a cracking start for paralympic inclusivity in games. Look our for more on The Pegasus Dream Tour very soon and in the meantime, check out the first trailer below.

Source [Press Release]

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