June 17, 2024
'Spyro flies in and stops 9/11...'

We’re back! Huge apologies for missing an episode last week – life very much got in the way for all of us – but now Rossko, Miles, Kat and Josh are back and we’re talking up all the latest news and catching up on what we missed.

First up, we all get our teeth into the State of Play from last week, sharing what we thought our favourite reveals were along with stuff we’re surprisingly excited by (apart from Rossko, who goes on quite the existential tangent). We all get a little bit hyped for Astro Bot and wonder what on earth Concord really has to offer anyone. Oh, and the other stuff in between.

We also get into the reveal of Call of Duty Black Ops 6, the Game Pass confirmation and the controversy already surrounding the game regarding content. There’s a fair bit to get into so we delve in as far as we can without knowing an awful lot. That, and Toys For Bob are so obviously making a new Spyro game now that they’ve confirmed a publishing deal with Xbox. Can you take a guess at who is super excited about that one?

Kat has been checking out Little Hope from the Dark Pictures Anthology, Josh has used his well deserved days off to play cyberpunk roguelite The Land Beneath Us and Miles has finally got his hands on Hades II and well, he likes it a lot. Rossko has turned on his Xbox and played the glorious Hypercharge Unboxed!

In recommendations Miles has finally seen The Boys (well the first few episodes), Josh is recommending a Netflix show called Scavengers Reign, the animation that everyone is talking about and it finally gets to us (we get to all the cool stuff… eventually). Rossko wants everyone in the world to check out the brand new Eminem track and Kat watched most of the new J-Lo film Atlas, but not all of it.

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