June 17, 2024
'In an orchestra of sadness we found the one positive oboe....'

On this weeks bumper Finger Guns Podcast Rossko is joined by Kat, Miles, Sean, Josh, Yogdog *and* Tom for a mass dissection of the week’s gaming news and playing a whole bunch of brand new games.

In the news this week our main topic is the ongoing FTC vs Xbox hearing, where some wild revelations are coming out regarding Xbox’s business practices and just how far they were willing to go in order to bring down PlayStation, and PlayStation’s brutal retaliations. If you ever wanted a console war, never fear, it’s all happening behind closed doors apparently.

We get into the wild reveals to see just what we think of everything, and whether or not we’re actually going to see some video games from Microsoft one day whilst they’re busy buying more studios to make them. It’s a bizarre week for Xbox and it’s only going to get more insane as they try to finally get their acquisition of Acti/Blizz over the line.

Elsewhere Google could be making a comeback to the gaming space, this time via YouTube. A plan they had early on was to link to games from YouTube to immediately play and well, it looks like they’re finally making good on that promise. If they market this correctly (which, let’s be honest, they definitely didn’t do with Stadia), could this be the future of how we consume games? It’s a long shot, but we’re intrigued to see what happens.

Also, the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 2 line-up has supposedly leaked. Are our MGS megafans Miles and Josh happy with the line-up? What would they add? Apparently ‘Metal Gear Survive’ was not the right answer, who knew?

Miles has been taking down Xenomorphs in Alien Dark Descent and also had some time with Steam Nex Fest demo Operation Polygon Storm, Sean has been in the ring checking out AEW Fight Forever, Yogdog has been strateging it up in Strategic Command World War 1 on PC, Josh has been checking out the Open Beta of Ubisofr’s xDefiant with a little help from Miles and even less help from Rossko, Kat and her beloved Crash Bandicoot are back together in the super fun Crash Team Rumble and Rossko, Tom and Sean talk about the wonders of that indie darling Final Fantasy XVI. Oh, Sean and Yogdog have also checked out the brand new Warhammer 40000 Leviathan Box.

Plus the Lotus Biscoff McFlurry reviewed. My goodness.

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