June 16, 2024
Deck Nine have brought the photographer back into the time-fold. Check out the announcement trailer here.

Hoo boy, this was a big one. From seemingly out of nowhere, Deck Nine and Square Enix announced Life is Strange: Double Exposure at the Xbox Games Showcase. Rewind time back to 2015 and you may remember a certain young photographer embarking on her life-changing journey at Blackwell Academy. Well, that same heroine is back, now photographer-in-residence at Caledon University and out to solve another murder mystery involving her friend, this time Safi.

There’s a lot of nods to the original season, including Max’s ability to rewind time, a host of suspect figures around a school environment and a killer to be uncovered. Except now, Max must traverse two parallel yet different timelines, one where Safi has met her unfortunate fate and one where she’s very much alive. Can Deck Nine recapture the emotional depths of the original season by bringing Max back? Only time, ironically, will tell.

No mention of fan favourite Chloe Price yet either, though that’s almost assuredly bound to change.

We’ll be getting more details and a deep dive into Life is Strange: Double Exposure on July 13th, where we’ll be treated to a reveal lifestream. Behind the scenes secrets and a first look at the gameplay await. Sadly, we can’t manipulate time like Max, so we’re just going to have to sit tight until then. Very eagerly, it’s probably worth adding.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure will launch on Xbox Series X|S consoles, PlayStation 5, and PC on October 29, 2024, with a Nintendo Switch release planned for the future. In any case, here’s a couple of extra screenshots to appreciate in the mean time.

Source: Press Release

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