April 13, 2024
The Devil still lives.

Almost nine years since its Kickstarter, and now two and a half years since we last really heard anything in October 2021, Little Devil Inside has been excruciatingly silent for a very long time. But today of all days (with Elden Ring DLC, Nintendo Directs, and more dropping) suddenly a new trailer has surfaced. Feast your eyes on six minutes of gameplay rendered in Unreal Engine 5!

For most of us, the first time we heard about Little Devil Inside was the PlayStation 5 Showcase of June 2020 – it is almost the only game from that show still unreleased. There was a second helping in October 2021, and a release date tagged on as 2022, but then nothing. Nadda. For some 30 months now. The only smackerel of information was some controversy around the use of masks on some of the enemy types, and then silence again. Many assumed it had been cancelled.

Fast forward to today, and amongst a plethora of news and announcements, there is Little Devil Inside with a jaw-dropping six-minute trailer, announcing to the world they are still very much alive, and the game is nigh-on complete. Judging by the update to their Kickstarter, developer Neostream has had publisher issues for much of that time, and are now back in the market for a publisher. Considering the scope and polish on show, we don’t think they’ll be waiting long.

The game now seems to be far more ambitious than what was shown before, looking like a full-on bounty hunting-style game in a picturesque weird world where ghouls and creatures of Lovecraftian design roam a beautiful overworld. Trains chug across the map like a model railway set. There’s such an incredible diorama feel to it now, it has to be seen to be appreciated.

No word on a release date at this time, but Little Devil Inside is still set to release on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox systems and Nintendo Switch.

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