March 4, 2024
Supernatural beings abound, mystic arts to master and a beautiful Tokyo landscape to unearth. Ghostwire: Tokyo will be unnerving us soon.

The upcoming creepy, Japanese-inspired, action-adventure game has been announced for both platforms in just a few weeks’ time, after the splurge of heavy hitters in February. Promising to deliver unique combat mechanics, a breathtaking vision of Tokyo’s neon-lit streets and some very interesting enemy design, Ghostwire: Tokyo is one to keep an eye on.

Tango Gameworks and Bethesda recently released a gameplay deep dive comprised of almost 10 minutes that delves into some of the intricacies of Ghostwire’s world, enemy encounters and traversal systems. It’s an engaging watch, which you should check out for yourself below. If for nothing else than to see if the Slender-man looking opponents will be too much for your courage to take.

Speaking of which, Tango and Bethesda also released further details about what to expect from Ghostwire’s story and intriguing world. As the gameplay demo shows, you’ll need to master the mystical arts of Ethereal Weaving in the shape of elemental powers in order to overcome the Visitors and their leader, Hannya – supernatural entities that are now roaming the raining streets of Tokyo. Everyone loves the sight of headless beings laughing menacingly, right?

Tokyo itself is pledged to be brimming with side content, with characters to aid, ghosts to rescue and even furry friends who may have a reward or two in store, should you have stumbled on the right rare offerings (if you can pet them, it’s GOTY, come on). Based on a variety of Japanese legends and folklore, Ghostwire is aiming to deliver an authentic and creative take on the popular landmark. The city appears to be looking pretty shiny in the trailer, so we’ll have to see what secrets are hidden within its rain-soaked alleys.

Those on PS5 who pre-order Ghostwire: Tokyo will additionally get early access to take on the Visitors from the 22nd March. Plus, you’ll get access to a Streetwear Outfit Pack, Shinobi Outfit and a Kunai Weapon. Exciting.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a devilishly interesting title I’ve personally had my attention on since it’s announcement. It’s shaping up to be a creative and horrifying experience in equal measure, one I’m looking forward to being sucked into on the 25th.

Source: Press Release.

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