Castle Come Is A Walking Fortress Roguelike Coming To Console & PC

In one of the more intriguing recent announcements, Castle Come is a roguelike with an interesting twist. Developed and published by lauflauf, you’ll scout locations, take down bandits with your mech, hoover up their scraps and slap it onto your hulking behemoth. Before long, you’ll be a mobile fort, decimating everything in your path. Until you meet your untimely fate at the hands of bigger, badder, mech. The mechanical circle of life and all that.

To celebrate the announcement, the two-strong dev team released the following trailer:

Combat in particular promises to be… wild. From time slowdown to launching boulders, firing machine guns and hurling… chicken pens, you certainly won’t be short of options. Castle Come features a mix of automatic fire thanks to your crew, or you can take advantage of manual control, firing off those chickens yourself, if you’re so inclined. Consequences be damned, chickens are supposed to be hurled.

In Castle Come, you are born into a world enclosed by mighty walls, with a mysterious gate shrouded in legend offering the only way out, following the path walked by the  holy one that crossed the gates. In each zone the gates are sentient, letting only the mightiest mecha-castle through. Progress through gates to explore and gather resources, discover forges, villages and tribes and ultimately uncover the mystery of who built these gates and why you’ve been trapped behind them.

Thanks to the game’s roguelike structure, the wreck of your old fortress in your previous failed run can be discovered as an overgrown ruin with parts to pickover as you take on the hopes of the next generation, or a house you protected might have grown into a flourishing village.  The impact of your past actions are always felt in the future, even if you failed. Discover new weapons and modifiers with each run that change how you play as you seek to construct an unstoppable fortress.   

Castle Come

Excited? You probably should be. Sadly, Castle Come won’t be steamrolling onto our screens this year, what with it being slated for a 2025 release. Good things come to those who wait and all that. You can however, wishlist the game via Steam in the meantime.

Source: Press Release

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