Unleash Your Inner Evil In Dungeons 4, Coming November 9th

Ever tired of being the do-gooder? The paragon of all things bright, happy and fluffy? Do I have just the malicious tonic for you: Dungeons 4. The RTS and city builder hybrid is inspired by 1997’s (!) Dungeon Keeper. If you’ve not heard of Dungeon Keeper before, I suggest you log in to GOG right now and get yourself a copy this instant.

Anyway, Dungeons 4 is sweeping in with evil essence in tow, with bigger Overworlds to conquer and goody two shoes mini-bosses to corrupt. Thalya, converted priestess of all things darkness, returns with a brand new perk system from the last entry, too. With more creatures, a longer campaign, even more vibrant art style (until you mute the colour, of course) and competing dwarves, Dungeons 4 is looking menacing indeed.

Completely in conflict with its rampantly antagonistic nature, Dungeons 4 has a demo you can try out right now via Steam. The first four campaign levels are included, providing peeks at the cutscenes, satirical narrator (who returns from previous games) and Thalya as the General of Absolute Evil. What a fall from grace she’s had since the start of Dungeons 3.

Dungeons 4 will be arriving very soon indeed – November 9th, in fact. You’ll be able to craft your own cellar of evil, coupled with hordes of fiends and servants to bark around. It’ll be releasing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC (Steam), so console and keyboard players can revel in the sadistic together. The controls actually worked pretty smoothly in Dungeons 3 too, which bodes well.

Source: Press release

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