May 24, 2024
Not one but two trailers for upcoming strategy title Homeworld 3

Immense strategy game Homeworld 3 still doesn’t quite have a release date, only a release window of February 2024. But with so many great strategy games still to come in 2023, we can wait for it to be perfect. More details were dropped for the game at Gamescom; one trailer dedicated to the story, and another gave a first look at the new roguelike-inspired game mode War Games. We here at Finger Guns were also granted pre-access to the game mode, so keep an eye out for our upcoming preview. You can check out both trailers below:

From the Press Release – Homeworld 3, the upcoming installment of the legendary award-winning sci-fi strategy series launching in February 2024, revealed its new roguelike-inspired multiplayer mode called “War Games” this week at gamescom 2023. War Games adds an all-new strategic co-op experience extending the game beyond the single player campaign through creative use of roguelike gameplay mechanics. In addition, the next evolution of storytelling in the beloved RTS series has been revealed through a brand new story trailer that debuted during Opening Night Live 2023’s earlier this week. Homeworld 3 is set to launch in February 2024 on PC and can be wishlisted on Steam and the Epic Games Store, or players can pre-order the physical Collector’s Edition.

Source: Press Release

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