October 2, 2023
Instruct, construct and probably obstruct in the fun and frantic co-op flatpacking game KallaX when it release on PC via Steam very soon.

In space, no one can hear you scream with frustration in KallaX. In the game, one player has the instruction manual to the dreaded flat-packed furniture as your co-op partner(s) assemble accordingly. If you’re successful and haven’t thrown your friends out of the spacecraft yet, you’ll be shipping the furniture to HQ. This cooperative party game sees you and up to 5 other players taking on 60 levels with a whole slew of extra-terrestrial furniture to build.

Here’s a trailer for KallaX to check out the madness yourself:

With a distinct artstyle featuring some of the cutest jelly-legged characters, KallaX looks to perfectly fit right in with other hilarious co-op games like Moving Out 2 that’ll test your skill and your friendships.

If you’re excited as we are here at Finger Guns for the game, you won’t be waiting long. KallaX has a release date of September 18th 2023 for PC via Steam. Just under a month before you can bombard your companions with the how-to of Swedish inspire furniture building.

You can Wishlist KallaX on Steam right now and prepare for furniture lift off.

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