June 15, 2024
Prepare to break free from the oppressive regime and bring an end to autocracy in sci-fi shooter SPRAWL. A hundred bullets at a time.

Let’s see here: hyper-fast traversal including wall running and anti-gravity shotgun jumps? Check. A dank and oppressive world filled with corporations as well as tiers of a metropolis to navigate? Check. Cyborg voice speaking in your ear promoting you break free of the shackles of corpos? Triple check. Double-wielding all manner of pistols, rifles and slicing apart troops in showers of blood? 100% check. Welcome to SPRAWL.

Having been in production for a few years now, developers Maeth have unleashed a launch trailer to get you suitably hyped for the upcoming old-school action game:

Personally, it oozed with the same tempo and flair of 2020 gem Ghostrunner and 2016’s Doom reboot. Needless to say, that’s quite the compliment.

As a disfigured and disgraced former military operative, your sole objective will be to annihilate autocracy and bring about your own redemption in the process. We’ll be escaping an endless, sprawling (sorry) cyberpunk themed megalopolis, looking stylish as all hell in the process. Wall running and slowing down time are just part of the perks of the job as you blast and maim your way to freedom.

If you want to check out more about this very promising looking title, cast your eye back to their 2021 showcase of 15 minutes of pure, uncut, super violent and high-octane gameplay from SPRAWL’s first level:

Complete with an awesome, synthey and adrenaline-pumping soundtrack to boot, SPRAWL is hitting almost every possible note ahead of its launch. In both the gameplay and launch trailers, you’d be hard pressed not to find yourself nodding along in sequence and getting caught up in the bombastic beats. You know how we appreciate a good video game soundtrack here at Finger Guns, after all.

The only unfortunate piece of news is that SPRAWL isn’t out yet. It’ll be launching in August 2023 for PCs via Steam and Epic Games Store. Not too long, thankfully, before we can get our futuristic, sci-fi Judge Dredd’s on to carve apart autocracy itself. Gonna need to sharpen that katana ahead of the slaughter.

Source: [press release]

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