April 15, 2024
A stop motion low FPS game as beautiful as The Spirit of the Samurai deserves your attention!

Jaw-dropping artwork will almost always put something on my radar – that’s just me. And stop-motion is the Holy Grail. Imagine my glinting anime eyes when I saw the upcoming 2D stop-motion action adventure, The Spirit of the Samurai, finishing off the Future Games Show in style. Check out the glorious, technicolor, low FPS beauty in this trailer.

From the Press Release – “In The Spirit of the Samurai, players will assume the role of Takeshi, a Japanese samurai tasked with defending his village from the relentless onslaught of an Oni bent on conquering the land with his undead army. Prepare to confront legions of tengu, undead creatures, and the terrifying Jorogumo, all inspired by Japanese mythology. Brace yourself for a truly unique and intense stop-motion cinematic adventure.”

A village in peril. A samurai reanimated. An Oni advancing. Fight an army of undead warriors and Japanese monsters as a human, a Kodama, and a cat in this 2D stop-motion action adventure. Explore a meticulously crafted world alive with Japanese mythology and folklore. Wander through ruined villages, mountain caves, desolate cemeteries, and more. Battle yokai, undead monsters, and demons, all expertly rendered in a highly detailed, Ray Harryhausen-esque stop-motion style.

Fight through the undead hordes as three distinct characters: Takeshi, a skilled samurai; Kodama, a brave but tiny spirit; and Chisai, a warrior cat. Each interacts with the world in a different way, from intense sword combat to precise platforming and exploration. Confront legions of demons armed with the weapons of ancient Japan: the iconic katana, the versatile yari spear, and the formidable bow. Unleash devastating special power attacks and combos unique to each character as you fight your way to the Oni’s castle.

Sounds amazing, right? I never realised what I was missing in life was a game that looked like Jason and the Argonauts! Spirit of the Samurai is slated for PC only in 2024 at this time, but who knows what the future holds.

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