April 17, 2024
Humanity must Return To Grace. Check out the debut trailer and announcement details right here.

Developed by Creative Bytes Studios, Return To Grace is a 60s-inspired narrative adventure game, filled with puzzles and a variety of discoveries to uncover. Recently announced with a debut trailer, you can see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

You take on the role of Adamari “Adie” Ito in 3820 AD, as she endeavours to discover what happened to an ancient AI, suitably named Grace. Having gone radio silent for over 900 years, despite being one of humanity’s greatest achievements, Adie must explore this land alone and with limited resources to discover the truth.

Return To Grace promises to have branching narrative paths based on your actions, that’ll culminate in multiple endings to discover. While Adie will be exploring as a lone human being, she’ll be accompanied by a cast of AI personalities, all voiced by some pretty famous figures. Offering exploration, humorous dialogue, multiple story branches and a lovely retro-futuristic style, Return To Grace looks promising indeed.

Intriguing and haunting all at once, you’ll be able to jump into the world of Grace when it launches on May 30th. Return To Grace will be arriving on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store and it’s now available to wishlist.

[Source: Press Release]

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