May 25, 2024
A lovechild of Hades and Transistor, Blade Prince Academy is an anime-RPG to look out for in 2023.

2020’s Hades from Supergiant Games was a veritable phenomenon, not least owing to its unique and gorgeous art style. Taking furious notes, it seems, were Angel Corp. A 2019-founded developer working on a brand new IP: Blade Prince Academy. The Hades and Fire Emblem influences are plain to see, so let’s hope this new project can live up to those same high standards.

Blade Prince Academy will have you training new students to become soldiers, spies and assassins. Using a real-time action and pause system, you’ll be able to strategically plan your moves. This allows you to shift and influence both the timing and order of attacks. It promises to be a comprehensive system, dedicated to pulling off that perfect combo chain to annihilate your foes.

Combat and tactical action won’t be your only facets to contend with, as Blade Prince Academy will have social relationships to manage, a roster of characters to recruit, loadouts to arrange and plenty of missions to embark on as you seek to keep the city of Abjectalia safe.

Between excursions, your squad of magical hooligan students can rest, be upgraded via the talent tree and develop skills to acquire more powerful spells. Should you wish to pursue more of a Dark Arts vibe, you can even make a pact with Darkness to unlock new varieties of skills. Be warned though, there’s a price to be paid for making deals with the devil.

Back To School In Style

Most prominently for us, however, is the stunning art style. Hades was a visual treat and Blade Prince Academy looks right at home alongside both that gem and its predecessor, Transistor. While it’s still in an early build at the moment, it’s already looking bright, fluid and flashy.

If you want to check out the announcement trailer, you can do so right here:

Beginning its Kickstarter journey on May 11th, the game is planned for release on Steam later this year. If it’s triggered your anime-RPG spidey senses, you can wishlist it now and keep track of its progress. We certainly will be.

Source: [Press Release]

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