May 25, 2024
Nintendo hosted another of their Indie World Showcase, here's a round-up of everything indie to get excited for in the next year on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo have wrapped their first Indie World Showcase of the year today, and there’s something for everyone! Outside of the Day of the Devs Showcase, Indie World has some of the most sought after indie games. If you’ve not got the 30 minutes to watch the live stream, however, Finger Guns have got you covered with a round-up of a handful of the games you should be excited for.

Blasphemous 2 by The Game Kitchen – Late Summer 2023

The Penitent One is back in a new brutal 2D pixel art adventure. Set after the events of Blasphemous’ DLC Wounds of Eventide, a supernatural entity known as The Miracle has returned, forcing the Penitent One to explore a strange and mysterious land. Devout ones will be eliminating a new posse of monstrosities in an attempt to stop the birth of a new miracle child. One of the biggest changes to the sequel is three new weapons to assist players in righteous slaughter. All with their own skill sets on top of an enhanced base skill tree for the Penitent One. Will you uncover the long forgotten secrets or left to repent? Blasphemous 2 has a released window of late Summer 2023, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Shadows Over Loathing by Asymmetric – Out Today

If Summer is too far away to slay monsters, Shadows Over Loathing is out on Switch today! The third of the Loathing series was released last year on Steam but has finally made it to console. Set in the prohibition era – this horror-infused slapstick comedy takes gamers through the shadows of an already black-and-white world. Looking into your uncle’s disappearance at his antique shop, there’s nothing to be found but eldritch horrors emanating from your uncle’s collection. The adventure/RPG sees you in tactical turn-based combat, inappropriate fishing and even an opportunity to overthrow a corrupt government. Shadows of Loathing is out now for Nintendo Switch.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals by Night School Studio – 12th July 2023

After its initial announcement in 2021, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals finally gets a release date of 12th July 2023. Set five years after the events of the first game, the mind-bending supernatural thriller follows the story of Riley; an environmental researcher returning to their hometown Camena to investigate the unnaturally occurring radio frequency signals disturbing local electronics. The sequel explores Night School Studio’s signature naturalistic dialogue by giving Riley the freedom to talk to multiple characters via a radio, hopefully aiding her in a frightening supernatural mystery. The stakes are even higher in the sequel, will you be picking up the frequency? Oxenfree II: Lost Signals releases 12th July 2023.

Little Kitty, Big City by Double Dagger Studio – TBA 2024

Announced for PC during Kinda Funny’s Showcase earlier this year, it’s a delight to see Little Kitty, Big City getting some console love too. Cat lovers rejoice, as there’s a new big cat in town and it’s you! You play as your created cat who got themself lost in the city on their way back home. On your journey, you’ll help fellow animal friends with various tasks and requests in a truly blissfully chaotic cat-like fashion. As well as core quests being napping in the sun, stealing a stranger’s food and knocking over objects. On top of that, there will be a slew of accessories to fit your cat to look as cute or as ferocious as you want. For now we only have a release year of 2024, but our cat ears will be in sports mode for any further details.

Animal Well by Shared Memory – TBA 2024

Visually and audibly intricate, this sumptuously designed 2D pixel art spelunking adventure has been a long time coming from Billy Basso at Shared Memory. Since the big announcement of Videogamedunkey’s BigMode publishing Animal Well, all eyes are on this double debut; and first impressions are great for this indie. Animal Well is described as a surreal and dense adventure into an unknown labyrinth filled with beautiful and unsettling creatures. With an extensive amount of puzzles to solve and items to collect, there is more than what you see. Animal Well releases in 2024 and we cannot wait.

Mineko’s Night Market by Meowza Games – 26th September 2023

Mineko’s Night Market follows the titular character Mineko who has recently arrived at her new home on a Japanese-inspired island. The game looks to celebrate Japanese culture by way of a cosy and heartwarming story of friendship, traditions and lots, and I mean lots of cats. The locals worship the Sun Cat Nikko but are recently confused after real-life sightings of Nikko come to fruition. Uncover the mystery whilst going your day-to-day selling found items at the market, embarking on quests and completing your daily tasks in true life sim fashion. Mineko’s Night Market releases 26th September 2023.

Rift of the NecroDancer by Brace Yourself Games and Tic Toc Games – TBA 2023

A spin-off to the original spin-off of Crypt of the Necromancer. Rift of the NecroDancer takes the rhythmic formula from Crypt of the NecroDancer and turns it into a full-fledged story with an all-new rhythm battle system to boot. Help Cadence navigate the modern world whilst fixing the rifts that have ruined her life. With a new rhythm mode, minigames and boss battles, this looks to be an expansive new look into the Crypt series. With a completely new soundtrack from Danny Baranowsky and friends are you ready to rock the dead? Rift of the NecroDancer releases later this year.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk by Team Reptile 18th August 2023

Initially set for release in 2021, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is finally ready to blast through your stereos. A true ode to Jet Set Radio Future, the game sees you skating freely in a 3D world pulling off tricks and graffiti to claim your territory, all the while evading the cops. Face off against rival gangs in dance battles to a stellar soundtrack across five boroughs. This indie has been on our minds for a long time here at Finger Guns and we’re so glad to get a release date for it of 18th August 2023.

These were just a handful of thrilling announcements but there were over 20 indie games shown off. Cult of the Lamb and A Little to the Left DLCs, a sequel to Teslagrad as well as a remaster of the original and so, so much more. If you want to check out the stream yourself you can do below:

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