The Finger Guns Podcast Ep. 161 – Ethan Lawrence Returns!

This week on The Finger Guns Podcast Rossko, Kat and Miles are joined once again by our very good friend Ethan Lawrence to discuss the week’s news, take on a brand new quiz and get particularly ranty about a company that rhymes with Bereckonic Darts…any guesses?

We get into the absence of any concrete Nintendo news throughout the year, where they currently stand in the gaming space and if we’re excited about their future output that we currently know about. There’s a weird void hanging over Nintendo right now and we hope they can fill it with news for their fanbase soon enough. Elsewhere we remind the gaming populist not to send pictures of their dicks to female game developers just because they haven’t got a release date yet for their little video game they’re excited about, I mean for f*** sake guys.

Also, Ethan gets his own segment going after EA for their horribly misjudged tweet this week and we take on Kat’s brand new musical ‘Heardle’-esque quiz with some truly brutal results for our host. Yes, you’ll definitely do better than him this week.

There’s also a brand new segment called ‘In Defense Of…’ where we each have a minute to talk about a game that we think is hugely underrated and do our best to encourage each other to play it. This one definitely doesn’t go off the rails at all. Nope. Not this one.

We also talk hands-on with that glorious indie puzzler Hue, Miles gets into a bit more Spellforce, Ethan shares his love for a brand new Early Access title on Steam called Vampire Survivors and Rossko has all but given up on Demon’s Souls after what could be argued as a ‘valiant effort’. Maybe.

Oh, and we call time on the podcast as a whole (not really) and birth a brand new one, but you’ll have to listen to find out what we’re up to next. Seriously, we could give you a million guesses and you’d never work it out..

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