April 13, 2024
'I should have said Balldivers.....'

This week on The Finger Guns Podcast Rossko returns to the hosting chair – after a bit of an altercation with Josh – with Kat, Miles and the returning Yogdog all joining in to get through the week’s news as quick as possible. And boy there is a lot this week.

First up we talk the disappointing sales of Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League and the factors that may have made it happen. WB Games are not happy with how well it’s done and we try and break down the reasons why (reason one – WB Games).

We also talk the possibility of PSVR 2 becoming compatible on PC’s to allow users to play PC VR games. We talk to Josh about this one and it opens an interesting discussion regarding ballooning budgets in games which may have lead to this decision. Well, that and PlayStation are not supporting the device well enough.

We also head back to the Nintendo Director Showcase to work through our highlights and follow that up with the four games Microsoft are bringing to PlayStation in the next few months – namely Grounded, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush.

Oh, and we also get into the brand new DLC trailer for Elden Ring. PHEW!

And in Game of the Week Josh has been playing a hell of a lot more of Helldivers II, Kat played a ton of Detroit: Become Human, Miles has been spreading democracy with Helldivers but also checking out the almighty Terminator Dark Fate Defiance, Yogdog has been playing his favourite game of all time in Battle Brothers whilst Rossko has been getting his PC gaming on in Minecraft?!


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