June 17, 2024
Facing off against Shadow of The Erdtree and Taylor Swift in London? Dystopika is certainly feeling confident...

From Cyberpunk 2077 to Blade Runner, dystopian architecture is hauntingly stunning. Those high-rise buildings blotting out the sky. The neon colour painting across every grungy surface and down each reviled alleyway. Imagine then, being able to create your own beautiful yet oppressive metropolis, complete with all of the red hues and flying cars you could fathom.

In a nutshell, that’s Dystopika. Described as a “dark cozy cyberpunk zen city builder”, it’ll be coming to PC via Steam on the same day the world will be either watching Taylor Swift live in London or gorging on the heralded Elden Ring DLC. Yikes. Even so, Dystopika is one to keep your eye on, another creative idea emanating from the indie space.

You can see for yourself through the announcement trailer below, complete with more details about the game and some gorgeous screenshots to have a gander at.

Created by solo developer Matt Marshall (a.k.a. Voids Within), and published by the newly-funded UNIKAT Label, Dystopika is a small city-builder inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics and the allure of cities that never sleep. With no goals, objectives, wins or losses, players can relax and immerse themselves in creative cyberpunk meditation.

In Dystopika, you can place buildings, giant billboards, and towering holograms while the city harmonises with procedurally generated landscapes, traffic, and lights to create a future metropolis rich with vibes and ambience. If you love to turn on the cheat codes and just build, this one’s for you.

Welcome to the darker side of cozy.


Source: Press Release

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