June 19, 2024
New trailer and release window inside!

Wondering where Cris Tales has got to? That gorgeous 2D homage to JRPG classics, the one with the beautiful animation, the past present and future puzzles all on-screen at once, the one Toby got very excited over last year? Well us too. Initially meant to release in November 2020, we were all geared up to play Dreams Uncorporated and Modus’s new game but then, like a lot of games late in the year it got delayed, to indefinite, nebulous, 2021. That could be anything, right?

But yesterday Cris Tales raised its head again with a new confirmed release window. We say confirmed, it’s never confirmed until you’re holding it in your hands, not these days. The new release window is July 2021 which is a whole six months away, and not specific enough to hang your hat on. Let’s hope it’s real, because Cris Tales looks like an absolute beauty. It’s also slated for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch and Steam, so literally anyone can play it.

Check out the new trailer below to whet your appetite all over again, but make sure you’ve got something to put in your gaming gob, because there are still six months to go. One of those times when you wish you had a time crystal!

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