March 4, 2024
Action-packed rhythm roguelite Beat Slayer gets a release date and more! Further details below:

Berlin-based studio Byterockers’ Games has announced their new game, Beat Slayer, now has a release date of April 4th 2024 for PC via Steam. Described as a hack’n’slay, Beat Slayer is an action rougelite rhythm game that sees you making smash hits out of your foes – to the beat. The game takes place in a fictional dystopian 1990s Berlin, where the only rule is to stay on the beat.

You play as Mia, a music lover and tinkerer, who’s put it upon themself to take on the evil former musician Dietrich. Mia will have to take on hordes of robots across the shabby streets of Berlin, to stop Dietrich from ruling with an iron fist. Fight to the beat of the music to pull off better moves when you’re in the groove to turn Mia’s opponents into scrap. Featuring music in collaboration with the German Babelsberg Film Orchestra, the game will also launch with full voiceover in both German and English. Furthermore, Beat Slayer will release with accessibility features for hearing-impaired gamers, ensuring everyone can enjoy this action-packed roguelite.

The game promises to offer hours of replayability as every run will be different, thanks to the exciting range of weapons and upgrades such as fire, electricity and viruses. These are unlocked during your playthroughs and will help you take on the variety of boss battles that offer unique challenges, atmosphere and melodies.

Beat Slayer also has a playable demo, just in time for Steam Next Fest and you can watch the newest trailer below:

We’re looking forward to jumping into a rhythm in Beat Slayer, when it releases on April 4th 2024 for PC via Steam.

[Source: Press Release]

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