May 18, 2024
Do you have 3 minutes to read about The Time I Have Left?

There’s nothing I love more than games that add some time-limit-based stress onto my quiet evening of gaming. The Time I Have Left has it right there in the title. First revealed at the Future Games Show in March 2022, and then adding a new very interesting and very stress-inducing gameplay trailer at Gamescom this year, The Time I Have Left is very quickly shaping up to be something worth keeping an eye on. Here it is, in all its neon soaked glory. If you’ve got the time to watch it, that is.

It’s those shots that have a clock in the top-right, they’re the ones stressing me.

From the Press Release – In six hours, you will be dead. The Time I Have Left is a time-driven exploration game with RPG elements and a big focus on storytelling. Play as Aline, a woman affected by a mysterious condition that marks her for certain death. Players will guide Aline in a race against time to escape an enormous underground complex, Colony 7. What will you do with the time you have left?

  • Stunning visuals: Experience the dense environments of Colony 7, all rendered in a striking style.
  • Nostalgic flair, modern spin: Find clues, solve environmental puzzles, unlock hidden areas, and secure your escape. Experience unique exploration gameplay combined with a fresh take on the classic JRPG formula.
  • Time-driven story and gameplay: The timer is always ticking but time flows in mysterious ways…
  • Haste makes waste: Your time is meant to be spent. After each level the timer will adjust to keep up with the story, so leave the area in the nick of time to get the most of each level.
  • Knowledge is power: New abilities are unlocked as you uncover clues and complete the in-game database. Get the essential skills you need by following the main story or explore in-depth to unlock two additional skill trees.
  • Deep, dark secrets: Use the information you gather to unlock shortcuts, hidden stories, unique items, and secrets. You may not discover them all in a single playthrough.
  • Resist the visions of death: Aline faces grotesque creatures in her Near-Death Experiences. Hold your ground against them in a battle of willpower.
  • Reactive Turn-Based Mechanics: Time your movements well to evade directional attacks. Master your foes’ patterns to escape unharmed.
  • Customize your skillset: Unlock skills exploring the level and equip the ones that better suit your playstyle. The more you explore, the more tools you’ll have to face the creatures.

If you are just spilling over with time, and you missed it before, check out the original announcement trailer from last year.

The Time I Have Left is available to wishlist now on Steam and will launch for PC in 2024.

Source – Press Release

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