Helldivers 2 Demonstrates Its Co-op and Combat In New Trailer

It’s been a long 8 years since Helldivers had us orbital dropping onto alien planets and delivering sweet democracy onto extraterrestrial life. Through the butt of a rifle and a few precision airstrikes, of course. After the announcement of Helldivers 2, Arrowhead studios have revealed the first details and trailer of the cooperative, explosive action you can expect to encounter as you spread the good word across the galaxy.

Strategems and customising your freedom-loving troopers will once again be at the fore. Helldivers developed quite the impressive meta game from knowing when, where and what strategems to deploy in the heat of battle. From airstrikes to powerful weapons and defensive equipment, use of these tide-turning items will swing the direction of battle in your favour. It looks like the sequel is going to be doubling-down on this system even more, which is promising for veteran Helldivers.

Whether you’re calling in an anti-armour explosive rifle, throwing down a shield to protect your team or unleashing devastating destruction on your foes, coordination and careful use of strategems will be essential to your squad’s success. Just watch where you throw those flares, as friendly fire will just as quickly end the life of your squad as it will save them. I definitely don’t know that from experience of Helldivers 1. No, don’t ask.

Helldivers 2 plans to have both cooperative and optional objectives to tackle during your excursions to spread Managed Democracy(!!!). Of course, you’ll have to weigh up the potential threat in terms of enemy alerts, managing your ammunition stocks and whether it will exhaust your reinforcement count, should you fall prey to a rogue alien predator.

Having spent over 100 hours with the 2015 original, this is all familiar music to the ears. Helldivers had a special ability to immerse the player in a chaotic spectacle of bursting bugs and stray friendly explosions leaving you obliterated. It was an excellent game and while Helldivers 2 aims to take the series in a new direction with its third-person perspective, the core of the mechanics appear to have transferred across rather well indeed.

Helldivers 2 is coming to PS5 and PC sometime in 2023. We’ll just have to spread the good word of Democracy to our friends and family until the time comes to deliver it upon the galaxy once more.

Source: [press release]

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