October 3, 2023
Brand New Platformer Alert!

Sonic Mania was pretty fun, right? And with Sonic on a long-deserved high for now, it’s perfect timing to see that the developers have formed a new studio and created their own original IP, and announced it this week. Penny’s Big Breakaway from Evening Star (sounds like a tabloid newspaper here in the UK) is a colourful Yo-Yo-themed 3D platformer where you swing, dash, flip, zip, and trick your way through a variety of challenging levels. Check out the trailer below.

I hope you agree, there’s a lot of old-school Spyro, Ratchet and Super Mario 64 energy to be seen here! You play as Penny, an aspiring court performer on the run from the loyal penguin army of Eddie the Emperor, who you embarrassed with a Yo-Yo trick. The chase is on, and it is up to you to help Penny escape capture over the course of 12 vibrant, geometric worlds!

Speaking of Penguin armies – From the Press Release – “Your waddling, avian adversaries will burst from walls, rush over cliffs, and attempt to dogpile you in an attempt to stop your progress at every turn. But don’t fret– Penny is an agile and acrobatic aerialist. You will jump, spin, and ride over a variety of brightly coloured and complex terrain, featuring steep ramps, sharp ledges, massive cliffs, and more. Each obstacle is an opportunity to increase your speed and gain a bit of breathing room from those flightless assailants in hot pursuit. Be sure to keep up your momentum while playing, because in addition to Story Mode, Penny’s Big Breakaway also includes a Time Attack Mode, where you can try and achieve the perfect run and set high scores on the leaderboard for the world to see.

Penny’s Big Breakaway is set for release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC early 2024.

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