What is SEGA Forever?


Signs of something called SEGA Forever are starting to show up online.

UPDATE 1 – Evidence has surfaced that suggests SEGA Forever might be a cloud based gaming service for mobile. Click here for more information. 


A few days ago, I was researching long lost SEGA IP’s for a feature when I stumbled across something called “SEGA Forever”.

I first spotted it on Twitter. The @SEGAForever twitter account has existed since November 2016 according to TwopCharts. It’s a verified account (which means that twitter have confirmed that the account is who they say they are) but it has never tweeted and it doesn’t follow any other account.

It’s fair to assume that SEGA have plans for the @SEGAForever account because they have gone through the trouble of submitting a verification request for the account. That’s more effort than SEGA put in for their own recruitment account, @SEGAJobs which isn’t verified.
Then there’s the description – © SEGA. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd or its affiliates. All rights reserved – the same blurb you’ll find on every SEGA website.

This in isolation isn’t anything out of the ordinary – companies are always setting up new accounts on social media and registering trademarks, just in case – but then I stumbled across the name SEGA Forever again.

The same day, I stumbled across a SEGA Forever Subreddit purely by accident. The subreddit is private and has only existed for 28 days (at the time of writing). Sure, again, that’s not something unusual – There are thousands of fan made Facebook accounts, twitter accounts and subreddits – but the description of the group is what piqued my interest. “© SEGA. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd or its affiliates. All rights reserved.” The exact same description as the @SEGAForever twitter account and the same blurb on every SEGA website.

So, in the past 6 months SEGA have registered a “SEGA Forever” twitter account and applied for it to be verified and then started a “SEGA Forever” SubReddit but have decided to keep it private. I think it’s fair to say, SEGA are up to something.

Over the past few days, I’ve searched through the US, UK and several other Trademark libraries to see if I could uncover something SEGA had registered with the SEGA Forever name but haven’t managed to turn anything up yet. I’ve also emailed SEGA for a comment to see if they wanted to tell me it’s something innocuous and uninteresting – but I’ve had no reply.

So what is SEGA Forever? Just put this out there, SEGA Forever isn’t going to be the name of an unannounced console. There’s no possible way that the social media accounts get registered before an announcement like that. This might be something mundane like a customer insight forum but – and this is purely speculation from me at this point – SEGA Forever might be part of the companies “New Corporate Identity”. As reported on DualShockers, SEGA are looking to refresh their public image, promising “more surprises than ever before”. Could SEGA Forever be part of the new “Amazing Sega” corporate identity?

Alternatively, the name “Forever” conjures thoughts of their impressive back catalogue – maybe it’s a streaming service? Or a re-release of their classic titles? Again, simply guesses.

SEGA definitely seem to be planning something with the SEGA Forever name and as the Subreddit was set up so recently, we might hear about what this is at E3 2017. If I get a reply from SEGA, I’ll update this story with their reply. Please head to the comments section if you have any more information on what SEGA Forever could be.

  1. corn dog 8 months ago

    Most likely thing would be Sega saw how Nintendo sold 2.3 MILLION NES classics in 6 months and had to kill it. So maybe SEGA is thinking they can repeat it, or take it further?

    And then be pulled back into the console race? nah

    I remember over a year ago there was a start up funding group trying to get sega to re enter the console market that blew over. Or maybe this is them coming back in? nah can’t be can it?

  2. jeff 8 months ago


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