Watch Dogs 2 gets a free four-player Party Mode


Watch Dogs 2 is the gift that keeps on giving.

We’re rather fond of Watch Dogs 2 here at Finger Guns, specifically Paul who’s pretty sure it’s his favourite game of all time. High praise, but after Rossko also putting over 300(!) hours in the game, it’s absolutely got our stamp of approval, and with a steady stream of DLC since release, Ubisoft are seemingly committed to keep its loyal fanbase happy.

That being said, July 4th will see the release of a brand new update, namely a four player party mode, which will allow four players to band together and cause chaos across San Francisco with three other friends.

This new addition to the already impressive multiplayer arsenal will allow four player co-op on all online activities, including Man vs Machine, Online Racing and Bounty Hunts, where in the latter you can assign players in your groups to certain tasks to take down your enemy.

The update also features plenty of little updates along with new costumes, vehicles and weapons including a specially themed July 4th paintball guns that only shoots red, white and blue paintballs. Nice! As an extra touch, if you log into the game now until the 10th of July, you’ll see fireworks across the San Francisco sky.

Yes! More Watch Dogs 2 is great news, long may free DLC continue!

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