Velocity 2X creators reveal new PSVR title TINY TRAX

The creators of one of the best PS4 games ever are back with Tiny Trax!

Velocity 2X is a game that we all love here at Finger Guns. The winner of Game of the Year award in 2014, the game made us huge fans of Futurlab and we couldn’t wait to see what they were coming with next.

Tiny Trax is a VR racing game, but something unlike you may have played before. Here the action comes past your face, jumping over your head, drifting around your feet.

Tiny Trax also features lane-switching, boosting and plenty of skills to learn, and looks to be a wholly unique racer experience, with ‘100% VR comfort’, which is a bold statement…though this is coming from the same dev team that proclaimed Velocity 2X would be the game of the year, and they were absolutely correct, so I’m inclined to believe them on this one.

Exclusively for PSVR, Futurlab have revealed Tiny Trax and is coming in. Watch the trailer below.

It’s great to be excited about VR again, we’ll have much more on Tiny Trax as and when it lands on our desk.

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