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Are Warner Bros Montreal Working on a new Batman Game?

This is perhaps the Batman news gamers wanted to hear. A recent tweet from Warner Bros Montreal seems to suggest that something Batman related is in the works.

This is big news of course because WB Montreal worked the good but underrated Batman: Arkham Origins.

The tweet game over the weekend during Batman’s 80th birthday celebrations. The video clearly shows a Bat symbol projecting against a building with cryptic symbols flashing up every so often.

One of the symbols appears to be that of classic Batman villain, Ra’s al Ghul. However, a reply to the tweet from Batman writer Scott Snyder bears the hasthtag #bewarethecourtofowls, so who’s to say what we’re getting yet?

The Court of Owls are relatively new to the Batman universe and are a criminal group who kidnap child circus stars and transform them into assassins know as Talons.

That’s all the news we have. There is no indication if this is another game in the Arkham series or something brand new. Perhaps the Game Awards will shed some light.

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