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Pure Farming 2018 Review – Sow Far Sow Good

Pure Farming 2018 is a joy for those who love that kind of thing. The Finger Guns Review; I have always had some sort of morbid curiosity when it game to farming games. Part of me balked at the idea […]

Pure Farming 2018 is a joy for those who love that kind of thing. The Finger Guns Review;

I have always had some sort of morbid curiosity when it game to farming games. Part of me balked at the idea of a game where you just farm, while part of me wondered if it could actually be pretty cool. So I bravely volunteered to take the game and dived head first into Simulated Farming.

Starting the career mode gives you a somewhat tragic back story to your character, your grandfather owned the farm and you used to spend summers helping him out and learning how to be a farmer. But your Father, possibly jealous of the relationship you have with your Grandfather, stops taking you to visit saying there is no future in agriculture, so years go by and eventually you grow up and go on with your life until you receive the tragic news that your Grandfather has passed away. Leaving an open will and a debt ridden farm, you decide to take on your family in a bitter court battle (from what it shows in the photos it provides in the video) and you emerge the owner of your Grandfather’s farm.

You weren’t expecting something that intense for the intro to a farming simulation, but it really made me excited for  what was to come. The next 30 minutes or so were a tutorial showing you how to fix machines, use them and also harvest and sell crops. You have your trusty tablet on hand to access the map and see where you all of your different buildings and fields are, but this is where it starts to get annoying.

You constantly receive emails telling you what to do during the tutorial, which is all fine but you will receive one saying ‘Press Square to sit in Tractor’ then another after you have done that saying ‘Press R2 to drive’. This goes on and on for every little action you have to perform, and to read them you have to open your Tablet, open the email, read it, close the tablet and then carry on with the task. After 6 or 7 emails this really gets annoying and you start to wonder why this couldn’t be shown as on screen instructions.

Your character can be customised to have different clothes etc and you control him in a 3rd person view. All the controls are simple enough and while you are running around and driving Combine Harvesters it feels a little bit like a Grand Theft Auto side mission,  but without the violence and prostitutes. The aim is to pay off the debt that come with the farm, around $275,000, which the bank are cool about you making minimal payments on (Which breaks the realism somewhat!).  If you do need some more machinery, livestock or anything for the farm you can get additional loans, but this will add more pressure to make money to payoff the rising debt.

Adding more crops or livestock will result in more missions, but this will cut into the hours in the day you have to work. The missions are fun in their own way, using the combine harvester on the wheat reminds me of the grass cutting detention in Bully, but after a while of planting, milking and harvesting the novelty wears off and becomes a little monotonous. If a story was there about the family dispute, or a evil bank closing in on the loan it would add a different dimension to the game, but obviously it would take away from the realistic part of the game. The game does play really well and everything is responsive and works how it should, which was surprising to me as I was expecting some glitches or awkward controls but credit to Ice Flames they have done this really well.

You can play online too with people which is a little different but I can only imagine hardcore farmers would be doing this, or people who have upgraded from Farmville (remember the arguements that caused when you didn’t write on someone’s sign?). It is easy to dismiss the game as sad, but I have spent countless hours on Football Manger taking Port Vale to Champions League glory which is not only unrealistic, but many would say a waste of time.

If you like games like Tropico etc you may enjoy this just for the control factor it gives you, but at the end of the day it is harmless fun and will help you pass the time and escape the reality of real life. It isn’t going to appeal to everyone but those it does appeal to will have fun and enjoy themselves.

Pure Farming 2018 is available now on PS4 (reviewed on Base PS4) and Xbox One

DeveloperIce Flames


Disclaimer; In order to complete this review we were provided with code from the publisher. For our full review policy please go here.

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