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[STREAM] Golf With Your Friends – Hole-y H*ck

It gets a little heated on the golf course between Rossko and Sean in Golf With Your Friends. Watch here!

Last night Rossko and Sean took to that Twitch website that appears to be rather popular to stream Golf With Your Friends, the rather fun new title from Blacklight Interactive and published by Team 17.

Safe to say, it’s a lot tougher than it looks. Course we could blame the dodgy camera angles, the fact your ball has a weird habit of falling through the courses at any given moment or the basketball mode is an unfair cesspool of utter misery laid upon us by the wrath of our sins. We could blame all of these things and yet, it’s definitely only really difficult because we suck at it and well, the obvious thing to do is share with the world our abject failure at a video game about the various different ways you can interpret the sport of golf.

It’s a fun stream, with lots of swears and anger and shouting and venom but plenty of laughter.


Watch GOLF WITH YOUR ONE FRIEND from FingerGunsDotNet on www.twitch.tv

Golf With Your Friends is out now on consoles, PC and Mac/Linux.

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