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Halo TV Series Finally Gets Greenlight

5 years after it was first announced the much anticipated Halo TV series has finally been given the greenlight an with it some new details of who's at the helm and when we can expect to see it on our goggle box

The series is in a partnership with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Showtime (who were behind the most awesome of TV shows, Californication)

there will be an initial run will span across 10 episodes and will be directed by Rupert Wyat from Planet of the Apes fame. Steven Spielberg was initially confirmed as executive producer but that no longer seems to be the case with Kyle Killen (Lone Star, Awake and more recently Mind Games) taking over as executive producer, writer and showrunner.

Production is set to kick off in early 2019 with Microsoft and 343 studios said to be heavily involved to respect the Halo lore and no doubt keep fans happy.



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