TimeSplitters Rewind Still In Development, Will Be Free To All At Launch


After a few months of silence The TimeSplitters Rewind team have released an update on progress and have confirmed that the game will be free to all.

Just in case you’ve not heard of the TimeSplitters Rewind project, it’s a fan-made, standalone remake of the entire TimeSplitters series – originally announced for PC & PS4 in 2015. It features characters, maps, and weapons from all three games completely rebuilt all then rolled together into one multiplayer shooter. The kicker? Unlike the vast majority of fan-made projects, the team of volunteers (all working Pro Bono) have the blessing of IP holders Crytek. So long as the team behind the project don’t make any money from TimeSplitters Rewind, the relationship with Crytek will continue and the team will be able to release the game for absolutely free. This was recently confirmed via the games new amalgamated Facebook page ;

Thanks to Reddit’s OnlyOnPlayStation

As for development, after a few months of silence, the official Facebook and Twitter feed have lit up with new updates.
The main update is that the game is approaching a release and will launch initially with “a small section of the game, a small number of characters, weapons, game-modes and maps” that will grow over time as the TimeSplitters Rewind team “continue the mammoth task of creating the hundreds of individual unique assets from all three TimeSplitters games“. This seems like a sensible approach rather than trying to remake the assets of all 270+ characters before releases. Getting the game into people’s hands to get feedback seems like a great approach.

One of the maps included in the initial release will be Hotel. The team have been hard at work “fleshing out more of the geometry and making a start on the lighting” of this map, pictures of which you can see below.

Another major update is that the TimeSplitters Rewind team have been unable to come to an agreement with Crytek on the use of the original game soundtrack – so the team are creating their own!

The above track has been created by the projects Audio Lead, Jose Pavli, as the game’s main theme. Personally, I love it. Has that TimeSplitters feel but also feels original.

While the TimeSplitters Rewind team are not allowed to make any financial profit from the release of the fan made project, they are asking for donations to allow them to pay for dedicated servers. If you’re interested in contributing to this noble cause, you can head to their donations page by clicking here. As an extra incentive, if you do donate, your name will forever be immortalised in the credits of the game.

The team are also looking for C++/CryEngine programmers to help overcome and issues the project might come across so if you think that’s you, check out their “Job’s Page”.

You can keep up to date on the progress of TimeSplitters Rewind by visiting the games official site, following them on Twitter or liking their Facebook page. Let them know that Finger Guns sent you.

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